Know what hackers know with full threat visibility

Meet the next-gen 
threat exposure management platform

NordStellar enables you to detect and respond to cyber threats targeting your company, before they escalate.

Give your security teams visibility into how threat actors work and what they do with compromised data. Cut down on data leak detection times, save resources with automated monitoring, and minimize risk to your organization.

Cyberattacks aren't going anywhere. Be prepared

Businesses are often unaware of data leaks until it’s too late. This calls for modern threat exposure management solutions that help your security team spot data leaks  before they become a problem.

0 %
of organizations experienced material losses of sensitive data in the past year.

source: Rubrik

0 %
of breaches involved external actors  with the majority being financially motivated.

source: Verizon

0 %
increase in cyberattacks that used stolen or
compromised credentials.

source: IBM

Make your business security a habit. It's quite a good one

Safeguard your company from cyber attacks
Protect your customers from account takeover
Monitor data exposures
 on the deep and dark web
  • Reduce the risk of ransomware, ATO, session hijacking, and other cyber attacks that lead to financial losses
  • Secure corporate data by identifying potential exposures to malware threats before cybercriminals can exploit them
  • Proactively prevent unauthorized access by detecting your employees’ compromised credentials
  • Protect high-value accounts and digital assets (emails, phones, credit cards) from identity theft

How your security team can use NordStellar


Identify and mitigate risks related to your company’s compromised data and minimize the threat of ransomware


Detect compromised
employee or consumer credentials that could lead to breaches


Track down malware-infected users and invalidate stolen session cookies, preventing unauthorized access to company data


Monitor all enterprise-related keywords across the dark web to proactively detect potential threats and vulnerabilities

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Designed by the creators of NordVPN

NordStellar is created by Nord Security, the company behind one of the world’s most popular digital privacy tools, NordVPN.

Nord Security is home to advanced cybersecurity solutions, including password management solution NordPass, encrypted cloud storage NordLocker, and network access security solution NordLayer.

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