Data Breach Monitoring

Checkmate. Beat attackers at their own game

Cut down on data leak detection times and minimize risk of ransomware. Identify and mitigate risks related to compromised data of your employees.

Identify leaks and learn their root causes

NordStellar’s Data Breach Monitoring solution enables you to thoroughly examine each incident involving exposed employee and company data.

Empower your security team to identify cyber risks that could lead to a data breach or ransomware attack on your company.

MAKE THE MOST OF data breach monitoring tools

Detecting a breach can be a challenge

Without the use of monitoring tools,
a breach can go undetected for weeks, increasing the risk of extensive data exposure and significant financial loss.

There are numerous ways data can leak

To safeguard your company's data from threats like brute force, malware, or social engineering attacks, you must proactively check what attackers could find about your organization.

Human error
is inevitable

Training gaps and poor password habits among organizations may lead to vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors, giving them unauthorized access to company systems.

How NordStellar helps prevent data breaches

Identifies signs of malware
Finds exposures in leaked data
Scans exposed credentials

NordStellar verifies if your company's data appears in infostealer logs available on the dark web and other cyber crime communities.

What data breach monitoring offers

Full context and visibility

Gain insights into every identified threat involving your organization’s data, including the details of how, when, and why it occurred.

Actionable alerts

Receive real-time notifications on threats targeting your business to make well-informed cybersecurity decisions with ease.

Reduced risk of data breach

Proactively address each potential threat to prevent it from escalating and posing risks to your entire company.

Other ways your security team can use NordStellar


Detect compromised employee or consumer credentials that could lead to breaches


Track down malware-infected users and invalidate stolen session cookies to prevent unauthorized access to company resources


Monitor all enterprise-related keywords across the dark web to proactively detect potential threats and vulnerabilities

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